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Adam Bodony
Artistic Director

Cara Pittenger
Executive Director

Susan Kitterman
Founder and Artistic Director Emerita

Video Audition Standard and Instructions

  • Please reference the Audition Requirements on our website before recording. 
  • Record a video of your audition. Include all parts of the audition (scales, etude, solo) as required for your instrument in ONE VIDEO. You do not have to record your audition in one take. However, you WILL need to compile the clips into one video, as we will only be accepting one YouTube link per person. Audition should be played WITHOUT accompaniment. Upload your video to YouTube as an unlisted link and copy/paste the link into your application.
  • Please adhere to the time limits on the Audition Requirements document. Additional footage will not be reviewed.

The following are guidelines to be used when recording the audition video:

  • There is no specific dress code requirement though dressing nicely may help exude more confidence. Think about what you would wear for an in-person audition and plan accordingly (i.e. wearing pajamas is not appropriate for an audition).
  • The student should state their name at the beginning of the video. They should also clearly state information such as the scale they are playing and the name of their prepared piece or excerpt.
  • Stand close enough to the camera that we can see you but not so close that the sound quality distorts or part of your instrument is out of frame. We recommend making a test recording to make sure you are happy with the way it looks and sounds. While you will not be evaluated on the quality of the recording device, we want to be able to see and hear you in your best form. If you have multiple recording settings on your device, experiment with increasing the quality.
  • Stay within the frame. It is okay to move your head, hands and body – be natural and not stiff. Your face, hands, instrument and bow stroke (if applicable) should be visible in the frame while you are playing.
  • Don’t leave your recording for the last minute. It may also be helpful to record a few practice videos in advance. If possible, ask your private lesson teacher and/or school band or orchestra director for help preparing for or even reviewing practice videos or your final video.
  • Review your final video in its entirety before uploading it. Incomplete videos may not be viewed by adjudicators.
  • Final audition applications must be submitted by Saturday, July 15, 2024 at 11:59pm.