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Adam Bodony
Artistic Director

Cara Pittenger
Executive Director

Susan Kitterman
Founder and Artistic Director Emerita


We Give…

Zachary Warrick Memorial Scholarship
This award is being given to a graduating senior violinist in Symphony Orchestra who is pursuing higher education and has demonstrated leadership in multiple musical arenas outside IYO. Zachary was a violinist with the IYO for 5 years.  During his Senior year at Heritage Christian School (HCS), Zachary was the Concertmaster for orchestra, was the bass section leader for Colla Voce choir, played the role of Sebastian in "The Little Mermaid," and occasionally joined the worship team at church and school. In addition, he founded and led a chamber orchestra at HCS. Zachary's priority was not perfection or praise but simply to enjoy music and help others succeed as they shared music together.

Janae Winn, violin, Symphony Orchestra

Julian Lee, violin, Symphony Orchestra

Herman Whitfield, III Memorial Scholarship
This award is named in memory of a cherished alum of the organization who was a talented musician and composer taken from us far too soon. Each of these students has been recommended by their conductor for their excellence in musicianship throughout the season. 

Rowan Peters, trumpet, Symphony Orchestra
Prudence Peng, violin, Philharmonic Orchestra
Lucy Ko, violin, Concert Orchestra

Micah Young, violin, Symphony Orchestra
Angie Xiu, violin, Philharmonic Orchestra
Taylor Mullis, viola, Concert Orchestra

Ethan Murphy, cello, Symphony Orchestra
Rohan Eapen, violin, Philharmonic Orchestra
Ananya Yemme, viola, Concert Orchestra

Music Educator Award
The New World Youth Orchestras Music Educator Award has been created to honor an outstanding music teacher who has had a significant influence in the life of a New World student.  Nominations are made by currently enrolled members of NWYO.  This award is funded by an endowment created by Michael and Nana Vaughn, former conductors of NWYO.  Contributions to this endowment are welcomed and will help to increase the amount of the award.

2020-2021: Jeff Colvin,Shakamak High School
2018-2019: Keith Whitford, Western High School
2017-2018: Candi Granlund, Sycamore School
2016-2017: Aaron Burkhart, Pike High School 
2015-2016: Dean Westman, Avon High School
2014-2015: Noelle Tretick Gosling, violin instructor
2013-2014: Christopher Kreke, Carmel High School
2012-2013: David Irish, North White Junior/Senior High School
2011-2012: Joel Matthews, Eastern High School
2010-2011: John Marshall, Pike High School
2009-2010: Soo Han, Carmel High School
2008-2009: Dr. Fred Ehnes, french horn, Professor of Music Performance Ball State University
2007-2008: Janet Priest, Frankfort Senior High School

Kent Leslie Memorial Scholarship
The Kent Leslie Memorial Scholarship was created in 2016 to honor the passing of french hornist and educator Kent Leslie.  Not only was Kent a first-rate horn player and musician, but he was also a devout educator, and had been deeply involved in the artistic development of NWYO. This scholarship will be awarded annually to a brass player who exhibits artistic excellence, maturity, and leadership.

2020-2021: Iris Bailey, trombone, Zionsville Community High School
2019-2020: Ana-Elizabeth Cook, horn, Center Grove High School
2018-2019: Joel Greenfield, trumpet, Lawrence Central High School
2017-2018: Lelani Spurlock, trumpet, Pike High School 
                      Natalie Haynes, french horn,Greenwood High School
2016-2017: Erin Mansell, french horn, Pike High School
2015-2016: C.J. Smith, trumpet, Fishers High School  

Past Awards...

Emil Leyvand Scholarship
Endowed by the Goloschokin Family during the 2011-2012 season, this scholarship will be awarded annually to outstanding NWYSO student(s) who intend to pursue music professionally and who, like violinist Emil Leyvand, possess passion for music and sharing it with others.  Preference is given to violinists.  Emil Leyvand (1923-2010), after whom the scholarship is named, was an influential violin performer and teacher in Russia, playing with the USSR Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra.  His legacy continues in his students and through his son Alex, world-renowned violinmaker, whose violin shops are located in Carmel and Greenwood.

2020-2021: Mei Mei Rossi, violin, Zionsville Community High School
2019-2020: Grace West, violin, Homeschool
2018-2019: Justin Kinchen, violin, Park Tudor
2017-2018: Woojin Chung, cello, Fishers High School
2016-2017: Shosei Ando, violin, Seymour High School
2015-2016: Megan Kerr, viola, Homeschool; Alice Yoon, viola, Fishers High School
2014-2015: Hannah Cleveland, violin, Zionsville Community High School
2013-2014: Ian Jean, violin, Fishers High School
2012-2013: Miranda Bernard, violin, Zionsville Community High School
2011-2012: Jeremy Wu, violin, Park Tudor School

John Melin Memorial Chair
This award was established in memory of the late Dr. John R. Melin, Indianapolis obstetrician, musician and dedicated friend of New World Youth Orchestras. Each year, the Artistic Director selects a Symphony Orchestra member to receive this award. The award is tuition for the season and a certificate of achievement awarded at the November performance.

2017-2018: Bethany Lengacher, violin, Homeschool
2016-2017: Gayatri Balasubramanian, flute, Carmel High School
2015-2016: Sean Szolek-Van Valkenburgh, clarinet, North Central High School
2014-2015: Emily Burden, flute, New Palestine High School
2013-2014: Maddi Shake, percussion, Cathedral High School
2012-2013: Quinn Connolly, tuba, Eastern Junior/Senior High School
2011-2012: Kelsey Badger, oboe, Zionsville Community High School
2010-2011: David Acton, horn, Lawrence North High School
2009-2010: Sarah Chang, viola, Hamilton Southeastern High School
2008-2009: Cassandra Thielen, percussion, Westfield High School
2007-2008: Blake Koness, viola, Carmel High School
2006-2007: Patrick Meyer, trombone, Arsenal Technical High School
2005-2006: Emily Bookwalter, viola, North Central High School
2004-2005: Phillip R. Schwein, clarinet, Pike High School
2003-2004: Rohan Maddamsetti, cello, North Central High School
2002-2003: Alaina Pritz, clarinet, Hamilton Southeastern High School
2001-2002: Richard Scott Miller, violin, North Central High School

Charlie Moulton and Will Smith Memorial Chair Awards

In their memory, the Charlie Moulton and Will Smith Chairs will recognize exceptional students for their outstanding performance and commitment to excellence as musicians. These awards are made possible through the generosity of New World donor Susan Moulton.

Charlie Moulton Memorial Chair
  Dean Snopek (Concert Orchestra), cello, Carmel Middle School
  Benjamin Baskin (Philharmonic Orchestra), violin, Highlands Latin School
  Ella Sailer (Wind/Brass/Percussion group), percussion, Carmel High School
  Margot Helft (Symphony Orchestra), violin, North Central High School
  Eden Ferre (Concert Orchestra), cello, Highlands Latin School
  Caleb Godbey (Philharmonic Orchestra), viola, Greenwood Christian Academy
   Priyanka Gohal (Symphony Orchestra), harp, Homeschool
  Sneha Vashistha (Concert Orchestra), violin,Clay Middle School
  Emily Boon (Philharmonic Orchestra), flute, Bishop Chatard High School
  Tyler Benson (Symphony Orchestra), bass, Zionsville Community High School
  Nehemiah Boyd (Concert Orchestra), viola, Belzer Middle School
  Ellie Kaufman (Philharmonic Orchestra), flute, homeschool
  Emily Haynes (Symphony Orchestra), flute,Greenwood Community High School

Will Smith Memorial Chair
  Ezra King (Concert Orchestra), viola, Heritage Christian School
  Sean Paree-Huff (Philharmonic Orchestra), bass, Fishers High School
  Kaleb Durfee (Wind/Brass/Percussion group), clarinet, Fishers High School
  Sarah Cummings (Symphony Orchestra), viola, North Central High School
   Vivian Freije (Concert Orchestra), violin, Homeschool
   Corina Brazelton (Philharmonic Orchestra), Horn, Greenwood Community High School
   Rodney Rhodes, Jr. (Symphony Orchestra), Trombone, Avon High School
  Tayla Koenig (Concert Orchestra), cello, Fishers Junior High School
Nehemiah Boyd (Philharmonic Orchestra), viola, Lawrence Central High School
  Katie Mills (Symphony Orchestra), Bassoon, Bloomington High School North
  Juliet Malherbe (Concert Orchestra), violin, Creekside Middle School
  Mariko Davis (Philharmonic Orchestra), violin, Jeremiah Gray Elementary School
  Aaron Soforenko (Symphony Orchestra), percussion, Hamilton Southeastern High School

Gabriel Harley Recording Scholarship

Gabriel Harley created a limited, 5-year recording scholarship as a way to give back to an organization that played a major role in his own development as a professional musician.  The Artistic Director selects a Symphony Orchestra member based on ability, need and dedication to pursuing music at the college level. The winner receives recording time, media services and production assistance, which can be used to prepare for college auditions, to create a personal music CD or to execute other projects as determined by the student.

2012-2013: Madeline Danforth, bassoon, North Central High School
2011-2012: Eleni Georgiadis, horn, Carmel High School
2010-2011: Lisa Nickels, oboe, Carmel High School
2009-2010: Elliott Mantock, trombone, Hamilton Southeastern High School
2008-2009: Joe Mynhier, cello, Zionsville Community High School